Update, booking & play 5th August 2020

Please read all this message. 

The preferred method of booking is to book the time session of your choice with a playing partner. 

If you are unable to find a playing partner you may book individually the session of your choice, subject to availability, a place will be allocated. Prior to commencing your booked session your are requested to link up with another individually booked play and a table will be allocated to you. The key holder will partner  any individual who is still without a playing partner.

By mutual agreement player ‘bubbles’ of up to four players will be allowed so that players can play with different people in their own ‘bubble’. You are now able to play with one table tennis ball, rather than using your own individual ball, but you are required to wash or sanitize your table tennis balls every 15 minutes or when you change playing partners.

In all other respects the details of the previous post will remain current.

Brian Young 5th August 2020