The 2014 Hilton Summer League once again provided many local players with the opportunity to play out of season competitive table tennis. Twenty, two person teams, many with imaginative names, competed over a nine-week period, in two sections, for the accolade of being crowned Hilton Summer League champions. On finals night teams from each section played against each other based on their final league position.

Top teams in final league order were, first half, Hilton ‘C’ (Chris. Naylor, Anne Hudson) Blue Eagles, (Phil. Hudson, Anna Dobrzansks) and Toby Jug, (Bob Bent, Mark Speakman), second half, Ivory Toasters, (Wilson Parker, Krishna Chauhan), Team Ream, (Ray Isherwood, Josh. Sandford) and Jefco, (Jeff Saunders, Dave Jones).

Whilst all the other teams battled it out for the minor league places the two top teams competed for the prize of being crowned Hilton Summer League Champions.

Section one leaders, the only unbeaten side in the competition, Hilton ‘C’ faced section 2 leaders Ivory Toasters. The Ivory Toasters team, Bolton League Division 2 players received handicap starts, Wilson Parker + 2, Krishna Chauhan + 3 points per set start against Hilton ‘B’, represented by Chris Naylor and Annie Hudson, Bolton League Division 1 players.

In a keenly contested match the result was in doubt up to the final game with Hilton ‘C’ maintaining a narrow lead throughout and leading 10 – 9 after four games. A convincing three sets win in the final game for Wilson Parker (+2) over Hilton ‘C’ Chris Naylor snatched a 12 – 10 victory for Ivory Toasters.

The Hilton Committee would like to thank all players and those who have helped to make the Hilton Summer league 2014 such an enjoyable sporting occasion.


Ivory Toasters

Hilton Summer League 2014 Winners


Hilton ‘C’

Runners up


Krishna Chauhan, Wilson Parker, (Ivory Toasters), Chris Naylor, Annie Hudson, Hilton ‘C’