A fun kids activity

The best learning happens while you're having fun, so the sessions are very much focused on enjoyment at the beginner stage. As they progress more activities are added to keep kids engaged and improving their skills.

Easy to pick up, hard to master

Kids of all ages love to pick up a bat and play table tennis for fun. But like any sport there are so many skills to learn and practise!

6.30pm - 8.30pm Every Friday

Parents are welcome to stay or drop off. If a parent already plays then we welcome volunteers to help out. Based in Horwich, we're easily accessible for kids wanting to play table tennis in Bolton, Chorley and surrounding areas.

Aids physical and mental development

Table tennis is brilliant for developing hand-eye coordination, reflexes, balance, as well as mental agility. The small table and high speed of the ball means your child will develop lightning fast reflexes!

All weather sport

No rain or snow can stop play here. A fantastic winter activity for kids, but you can enjoy table tennis in all seasons.

£5 per session

All equipment is provided, no prior experience is needed, and you can join at any time of the year.

How to Join

No booking is required. Simply turn up at 6.30pm on a Friday and join in! If you have any questions or special requirements then just have a chat with Andrea or Jean when you arrive, or feel free to get in touch using the link below.
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Learn Table Tennis from Andrea Holt

A ten-time national champion, two-time Olympian, and she represented England four times at the World Table Tennis Championships. We are delighted that Andrea has joined up with Hilton to offer Table Tennis training for kids in the Bolton area. We can think of no-one better qualified to teach table tennis to the next generation of players!

Andrea has a deep enthusiasm for coaching and ensures everyone feels involved and has fun while learning new skills. Learn forehand and backhand drives, loops, defensive chops, and all manner of serves. We also have a table tennis robot so players can really perfect their technique.

Sessions are held at 6.30pm till 8.30pm every Friday (excluding a two week break over Christmas). Andrea will lead coaching with beginners and younger children from 6.30pm till 7.30pm, and the more advanced children from 7.30pm till 8pm. Both groups are encouraged to stay and practise with our volunteers and each other while Andrea is with the other group.

The lessons are for children under 18 with a wide range of ages currently attending.

With over 300 million players worldwide, Table Tennis is a great sport to introduce to children of all ages. It’s a fun, energetic activity which has many benefits for well-being and fitness.
As well as enhancing hand-eye coordination and motor skills, studies have shown that regular Table Tennis play increases bone density and physical fitness in children.
Table Tennis works the mind just as much as the body. Improve concentration, mental alertness, and develop strategic thinking.

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