Hilton Table Tennis Centre

Development plan, the next five years.

The Hilton Centre’s roots date back to 1995 when the Bolton Table Tennis League was given a 25-year lease on the Hilton Community Centre by Bolton Metropolitan Council to provide a centre for playing table tennis. The centre, with the help of lottery funding and a great deal of hard work from the then Bolton League Table Tennis Committee, was transformed into a venue suitable for table tennis. The management of the centre was then handed over to the Hilton Table Tennis management committee who have continued to build on the foundations laid by the Bolton League committee and the centre now provides a friendly, safe and excellent facility for table tennis.
Over the past twenty years the Hilton centre has not only been a home venue for Hilton teams but for many other teams who have played in the Bolton or Bury Leagues.

The centre has always provided and encouraged players of all abilities to participate in playing table tennis, competitively or socially. The centre has always encouraged children and young people to participate and develop their table tennis skills through a dedicated junior coaching scheme in which the sessions are now run by UKCC table tennis coaches and helpers. In the past two years the time devoted to junior coaching has been increased by 50%. The Hilton Table Tennis Centre has achieved ‘Club Mark’ status and has achieved a Premier League Four Star status.

The management committee also has the responsibility for funding the running cost of the centre, gas, electricity, water, maintaining the fabric of the building and ensuring that all health and safety regulatory requirements are carried out, dealing with the local authority (who own the building) and liasing with other parties. This is in addition to providing equipment, (table tennis tables) and seeking to develop and maintain the centre as a place of table tennis excellence. The centre seeks to provide a safe and friendly environment in which all users needs are satisfied.

Short to medium term objectives

The Hilton centre will seek to maintain and provide existing table tennis facilities for the benefit of all players.

In the past 12 months the death of the long-standing chairperson, Mr Clive Walsh, and the cessation of help by Mr Barry Walsh has affected the centre’s management team, now reduced to five active individuals.

It is essential that the management team be strengthened. New members are sought to assist and provide additional expertise to the existing management team.

Identified areas of expertise or help are as follows.

1)     Building maintenance,

2)     Finance and Fundraising.

3)     Health and safety,

4)     Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection

5)     Development and publicity

6)     Legal

7)     Secretarial

8)     Coaching activities and outreach.

9)     Key holders to take responsibility for opening / closing centre at appointed times.

10) Communications using modern media

11) Chairperson.

ecause the Hilton is a dedicated table tennis centre its facilities are available seven days a week. It has the potential to be available for table tennis for many more hours than at present. This is currently limited because help / support is not available.

With additional help and an enlarged committee it would be possible to

1)     Expand on coaching for juniors and adults,

2)     Provide more sessions for leisure and competitive play,

3)     Provide female only sessions, (if the demand is sufficient)

4)     Reduce the workload on the existing committee,

In the next few years it will be necessary to renew the lease on the Hilton with Bolton Metropolitan Council for a further period of 25 years. Having developed the Hilton Table Tennis Centre to its present level of excellence and its use as a venue by many Bolton League teams it is, in my opinion, critical for the Bolton League and local table tennis that the Centre continues to provide and expand in its provision of table tennis facilities in the Bolton area.

This will only be achieved if those who use the Hilton, for whatever reason, are prepared to become involved and enable the Hilton Table Tennis Centre continue and develop to be a centre of excellence for playing table tennis.


Please inform any member of the existing committee if you have any of the skills listed and would be willing to be involved in the Hilton’s continued development

Brian Young Hilton acting vice- chair.