August 2021 – Hilton Table Tennis Centre

All sessions are now active apart from Saturday 11am – 1pm.  Please see the panel on the home page for session details.

England Game clash with Summer League 2021 – Week 6

As a result of England’s progression in the Euros, their next fixture is on Wednesday 7th July which clashes with our Summer League.  Unfortunately UEFA have said they are unable to reorganise the game for a different night, and as so we agreed to postpone our fixtures instead to accommodate them.  😉

Restart after lockdown

Sunday sessions will not be held for the time being…only two or three players have been attending.  This will be reviewed when the latest lockdown ends…hopefully in July.




Sessions need to be booked in advance. Please ring Jean Smart 02104 691802. The cost per session is £4 for those under 18 or 65 and over, and £5 for everyone else. A record will be kept of attendees and their contact details. Social distancing and table cleaning rules will apply Please follow the signage and avoid getting together in groups.  No doubles games are allowed.

The above conditions follow up-to-date guidance from Table Tennis England.

Following customary practice over the years, should all tables be full, it may be necessary to sit out games.

Hilton News page updated Wednesday May 10th, 2021″

Cessation of play at Hilton TTC, September 6th 2020

Due to the recently imposed COVID-19 restrictions in Bolton, in order to protect those who have been managing and playing as well as the wider community, Hilton TTC will cease activities for the time until it is considered safe to resume some activities.

Update, booking & play 5th August 2020

Please read all this message. 

The preferred method of booking is to book the time session of your choice with a playing partner. 

If you are unable to find a playing partner you may book individually the session of your choice, subject to availability, a place will be allocated. Prior to commencing your booked session your are requested to link up with another individually booked play and a table will be allocated to you. The key holder will partner  any individual who is still without a playing partner.

By mutual agreement player ‘bubbles’ of up to four players will be allowed so that players can play with different people in their own ‘bubble’. You are now able to play with one table tennis ball, rather than using your own individual ball, but you are required to wash or sanitize your table tennis balls every 15 minutes or when you change playing partners.

In all other respects the details of the previous post will remain current.

Brian Young 5th August 2020



Resuming play at HTTC 25th July 2020

Our primary concern will continue to be the safety of all who attend. We will follow the guidelines currently provided on the Table Tennis England website stage 2. It would be advantageous if all those wishing to return to play familiarise themselves with this information. This covers the hygiene and spatial and facility usage recommendations.

The number of persons to be allowed in the building at any one time will be 10, 8 players plus the key holder and helper. Players are requested not to enter the building until invited to do so for their session and exercise social distancing. On entering the building  sanitize with the provided or your own sanitizer. Keep contact with door handles and club equipment to a minimum. Please bring your own playing equipment, sanitizer, towel and also a paper record of you full name, contact details and the date and time for each session you attend, just in case we need to contact you for health reasons. This information will be kept private and then destroyed. The table fee for two players has been set at £7.50 per 1 hour session. You are requested to bring the correct fee as no change will be given. The key holder will direct you and your playing partner to your designated playing court. At the conclusion of the session each player must sanitize their own half of the table, remove and take home all their rubbish and own equipment so that the the court will be safe and clean for the following time session and exit the centre quickly. Initially four tables, playing courts A – D, will be available for two players per court who must only play together for the duration  of the approximately one hour playing session.

Booking a Table

Players should book a table for themselves and their playing partner by contacting the booking coordinator, Jean Smart, by phone, 01204 691802, 07528 254122 or by email, 

Sessions available from 25th July 2020

Day Early session Late session
Saturday 11.00 am – 12 noon 12 noon – 1.00 pm
Monday 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm  8.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Wednesday 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm 8.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Friday 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm

 Note there will be some flexibility in these times, early session players will be admitted early to allow time to follow safety procedures and later session players end time will be extended to allow for any delays so that a full hours play will be available.

Additional sessions will be introduced if the above sessions are full and  there is a demand. Initially there may be some teething problems but we would expect all those who attend to be cooperative in ensuring that a safe environment is maintained for all who attend.

Brian Young 14th July 2020 

Hilton TTC and Covid-19 24th June 2020

With many restrictions being eased many folk are wondering when playing table tennis indoors will be allowed. At the moment restrictions still apply. The Government has given no indications when sports centers, gyms, swimming pools and the playing of indoor sports can resume. Table Tennis England has provided guidelines for when play is allowed to resume. This can be found on the Table Tennis England website.  At the Hilton we have been considering possible ways of allowing play to resume but initially there will be limited and shorter playing sessions, with  safety precautions. Sessions will need to be booked in advance. When we are able we will update our news page. For the time being ignore the ‘Opening Times’ information on our home page. The Hilton Table Tennis Committee hope that all our social, junior and competitive players and their families are continuing to keep safe or being adequately supported in times of need.

Brian Young

Hilton TTC and Covid-19 12th May 2020

In the present uncertain times Hilton TTC  remains closed. When Government and Table Tennis England advise that a resumption of activities is possible then it is more likely to be in progressive steps with limitations and safety precautions rather than a full return to the previously advised playing sessions. The Hilton TTC committee hope that all our social and competitive players and their families are keeping safe or being adequately supported in times of need. We continue to monitor the situation and will continue to update our website. The Hilton TTC meeting and playing areas are being maintained to ensure that it will be safe when play can be resumed. Brian Young

Hilton TTC and Covid-19 31st March 2020

Due to the current health and Table Tennis England advice the Hilton TTC will remain closed until it is completely safe for all those who attend. This means that this years Hilton Summer League 2020 will not commence as scheduled. If this affects you or any team you have entered please see the note on Summer League 2020. We hope that all our players are keeping safe at this difficult time. Brian Young

Hilton TTC and COVID-19 17th March 2020

As a result of the latest Government and Table Tennis England advice table tennis at  Hilton TTC will be suspended, as from today, until further notice.

Brian Young